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Title History

Get the current and historical titles and dates with DMV registrations

Title Concerns

67-point check on brand including altered odometer, vandalism reports, and fire damage.

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Prior Damage & Salvage Check

Flood damage, junk, or salvaged? Find out with NMVTIS approved data.

Lien & Lease Check

Correcting a lien can be time consuming and costly. We scan national lien & lease databases to check for a clear vehicle title.

Vehicle History Report FAQs

Don’t get caught in an unsafe used car and one that could cost you thousands in repairs.

A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a 17 character unique code assigned by an auto manufacturer. Every vehicle has it’s own unique VIN number, so you won’t ever see two cars with the same VIN number. 

The VIN number is 17 characters long, and can be numbers and characters.

A VIN number can be used to ID and track a vehicle in case of recalls, thefts, car registrations, warranty issues, and insurance coverage.

An Example of a VIN Number:

What is a VIN Number?

All vehicles have a unique 17-Character identification number known as a VIN Number. The VIN Number is different for each vehicle, much like how a fingerprint is unique to each individual. The VIN Number is comprised of 17 Letters and Numbers, which provides information such as Make, Model, Year, Country of Manufacture, and more. You can try to decode the VIN number yourself, or use our completely free VIN decoder to easily find out more about your VIN number.

The VIN number on a car can be found in a few various places, depending on the make and model of the vehicle.

Where is VIN Number Located?
  • However, it is typically located either on the driver’s side dashboard near the windshield
  • Or on the driver’s door pillar
  • In some cases, it may also be located on the engine itself, or on the frame of the car. partners with EpicVIN and provides NMVTIS (National Motor Vehicle Title Information System) Vehicle History Reports to protect you from fraud and unsafe vehicles.

All insurance carriers, auto recyclers, junk yards, and salvage yards, are required, under federal law, to report data to NMVTIS on a regular basis. This ensures you get a complete and accurate vehicle history to avoid scams.

All / EpicVIN Car History Reports provide a complete overview of vehicle current condition and past including the following data:

  • Vehicle Specifications
  • Previous/Current State of Title & Title Registration dates
  • Title Brands History
  • Junk & Salvage Data
  • Insurance Total Loss Records
  • Lien/Impound/Export Records
  • Theft Records
  • Odometer Events
  • Detailed Auction Sales History
  • Wholesale market valuation
  • Auction Price Analysis
  • Safety Recalls

We highly recommend you check the VIN when buying a used car. You should decode the VIN Number to protect yourself from being scammed and avoid buying a vehicle with hidden damages. Always obtain the VIN number of the used car you are buying and use our free VIN decoder to make sure it matches.

In addition to decoding the VIN, always recommends you run a vehicle history report on the used car prior to buying it so you get a complete history and avoid making a mistake on a bad car.

You can potentially save hundreds and thousands of dollars by making sure you buy a used car with good car maintenance histories and no prior accidents.

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